Let’s Play – Final Fantasy

Be sure to give the first part of my Final Fantasy playthrough a view. It’s pretty awesome, if I do say so myself. https://youtu.be/vZQip59CHS4

Written by David Sisson

The three year anniversary of Geekstyle was back in April. There was no fanfare, no hoopla. Angel and I were very much busy with real life. But now we’re back. Geekstyle, and by extension Two Geeks, One Camera, will be posting regular videos starting yesterday (May 15th). On Mondays, you’ll be treated to my blind playthrough of Horizon: Zero Dawn. Every other Friday starting on the 26th, a brand-new episode of OCG will be posted. Saturdays will be dedicated to our cooperative play of 7 Days to Die. Other than that, there is no set schedule for Geekstyle videos.

This brings me to my favorite news of the day. I’ve begun a solo Let’s Play series in PlayStation remake of Final Fantasy. There will be an episode of this going up every single day, Sunday through Saturday. Once I finish Final Fantasy (and let’s be honest, the game isn’t very long), I’m going to start doing the same style Let’s Play in the original Dragon Warrior (Dragon Quest for the international fans). This is exciting stuff for me. I’m a super jaded individual so genuine excitement for something is awesome!

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got for you guys today. As always, stay beautiful, my friends!


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