Hi everyone Angel here! Though some of you would know me better as Thoryne. I’m finally writing this post to welcome you all to Two Geeks, One Camera our secondary branch to Geekstyle! We’ve come a long way with quality and I’m proud of where we’ve gotten to.

Now I understand it might be a bit of a large change to see us kind of veer off from YouTube. Most of you were a big part of why we had so much fun! But I’d like to be able to offer something a bit more versatile than YouTube could have given us.

To give you an idea of what we want to do here I’ll tell you a bit about what I intend to post. Some of you are familiar with the Everend books I’d written and currently have in editing and I intend to post some of the none-kind-of-canon shorts I’d written for those characters that just didn’t make it to the novel. I’m also going to share the videos from both Geekstyle and the Thoryne/TwoGeeks,OneCamera channel along with hosting some of the smaller bloggers. I want everyone to feel welcomed here and to be a part of what we want to build.

I’ve made so many friends through Geekstyle and it’s finally nice to have a clear goal as to what we want to achieve. Already we have several short films in the works -one is almost complete :-)- and this will be the place to find them. I can also work on my writing through here and that is one of the rougher parts I had for Geekstyle. No time to write…

I hope you’ll bare with me as I get the site up and running and add the bits and pieces to it. There is a lot I’d like to do so I have some Idea but if you can think of anything else then please feel free to send me an email at thoryne@twogeeksonecamera.com and I will look through all of your suggestions as best as I can.

With Love,



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